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General overview:




Chapter/Group Teaching details


The Heritage team members involved in the program are:  Bobbie Koelsch, Elaine Cendali from California; Val Cole, Georgia Dawbon and Brenda Hozjan from Canada; and Teresa Maxwell from Pennsylvania.




Teacher Cost: fee determined by teacher, plus travel, lodging/meal expenses




Course Cost: Surfaces and small fee for color palette and mediums.  The palette will be the students at the end of the seminar.


The group may supply its own surfaces if approved by the teacher.  (to make sure it is compatible with the technique/design).  Any surface substitution by the class or student that requires a change to the design Must be changed prior to the start of seminar.  No changes will be made the day of the seminar.




Specialty brushes will be available during class for purchase.




Only Heritage Multi Media paints and mediums will be used during class and they will be provided.


Seminars can be 1-3 days in length with selection made by the group at least 3 months prior to the seminar date.  Requests for a particular design or technique not on the current available list can be made directly to the teacher.


Mini Seminars on color theory, different techniques, design, etc. are available upon request and at the discretion of the individual instructor.  These courses vary in length and a small fee may be charged to cover the cost of handouts, supplies.




It is recommended that the prep be done prior to the seminar to not use class time.




Please contact me with any further questions or interests.






Teresa Maxwell, Heritage Ambassador


Maxwell Art Studio

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.