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I first began painting in 1997, and over the years have enjoyed painting in a variety of styles--Rosemaling, PA Dutch Reproductions, Dutch Floral, Soft Stroke florals, Chippendale, Direct Painting/Alla Prima etc. The classes I continually take are an important part of my personal growth and development. They enable me to learn new styles and techniques and refine my own. Designing and creating pieces offers an exciting outlet for my personal enjoyment and creativity as well as providing something new and different for my students.


As a teacher since 2003, it is important for me to inspire and coach both new painters and those who have been painting for years. Each teaching opportunity allows me to witness my students' growth and allows me to develop into a better teacher and artist. I have been painting with the Heritage MultiMedia products since its inception. I prefer the quality, versatility, and safety awareness that this line of paints has to offer. Using this resin-based paint allows me to paint and teach acrylic, watercolor and "oil" techniques.

As an ambassador of the Heritage MultiMedia Educational system, I am able to offer students a wonderful foundation in history, techniques and an understanding of colors, values, and intensity. This allows students to become independent artists and not just "project painters".


If you have any questions about painting, the Heritage MultiMedia or Global Arts paint/products, or want to offer suggestions for future classes, please contact me at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or by telephone at (610) 593-6694.


Paints and products can be ordered through this web site.  Also be sure to check out the classes.

I look forward to seeing you in class!

Teresa Maxwell